Sam-I-am is a Brisbane Lion. Not only does he support of the AFL team as a true fanatic, Sam is also part-beast, producing four 80-page Financial Planning documents a week. A brilliant and resilient Paraplanner, he is a driver of change and innovation in JEM Wealth…

But it did not take the team long to realise his true strength:


Stealing all the Minties, or Mentos, or any small plastic-wrapped sugary item in the office. And not only his home-town Brisbane office, but in the Toowoomba office whenever he visits. This Brisbane man from Hillbrook Anglican School, who once dreamed of being an AFL player himself, is the backbone and the bane of the existence of this workplace. He has travelled the world, but JEM Wealth is more than happy to keep him right where he now is.


All jokes aside, Sam is a warm and humourous Paraplanner who graduated from Griffith University in 2017 with an undergraduate degree in Financial Planning. He has worked in the industry ever since. Between preparing your Advice document, showing off Spreadsheets and making coffee, Sam will say g’day when you are next in the office. 


Marriage is on the cards for Sam, who is engaged to the lovely Codi. Traveling and relaxation keep this couple occupied, but their contentment does not stop Joy (one of the support staff of JEM Wealth, who has seven children) from asking about children. Always a fun question and answer session for the entertainment of the team!


Often seen at the coffee machine or caught with his hand literally in the cookie jar, Sam is always ready to smile and begin his next scheme…or the next Statement of Advice. He has mastered the balance of fun and professionalism in his constant liaison with the Advisers, helping out the CSOs and discussing efficiency and reports with Caylea.


If you want a Mintie, he’s your man. Have you met Sam-I-am?


Meet Sam’s co-workers here. 

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