Dusty…is that a nickname?

This is Dusty – I am not 100% certain that ‘Dusty’ is his real name, but he will not admit to anything else. And everyone has quickly accepted it…after asking him The Question. His genuine smile, down-to-earth personality and honesty all hint that Dusty is quite trusty. He has come from another sector of the Financial Services industry, and is becoming a Financial Advisor at JEM Wealth.

So, allow me to properly introduce to you: Dusty is-that-really-your-name Rychart.


Down-to-earth, but definitely not literally! Standing tall at 6 foot 7 inches, Dusty often gets asked about playing sport. Luckily, this is his favourite thing to talk about.


HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? Often spotted stealing co-workers office chairs and changing their settings. Hence, annoying Caylea.

U.S.A is where Dusty was born and raised, playing basketball while his twin brother played ice hockey. In the state of Minnesota, Dusty fell on his butt in ice hockey until he realised that his height could be useful elsewhere. He started on a path into professional basketball, and…


a Scholarship to college was one stepping stone along a long line into this dream career. From the University of Minnesota, he graduated with Scientific and Technical Communications, but this was not the priority. Dusty liked to dunk instead!


This opened opportunities to play in Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and finally, for the Brisbane Bullets as an import (2006-2008). What a dream! He met his beautiful wife, Megan, and retired from professional sport with impressive stats and a passion to help those with a similar experience. Dusty loves to listen to life stories and have a joke with everyone he meets, and he is excited to be sitting in Ben’s meetings throughout the required Professional Year. This means that Dusty is on track to become a qualified and compassionate Financial Adviser in 2022.


Yelling about how “everything is so different here,” in his 10th consecutive year in Australia, is an iconic Dusty move. He has two Aussie-born children who now play Barbies but will play basketball, for sure. We are happy that Dusty is here in Australia to stay. He is a quick learner, always laughing and very tall – this is Dusty.

I hope you get a chance to meet him soon. And I encourage you to ask, as most people will: is Dusty your real name?


Our team and qualifications are listed here. Can you guess who is next in the blog series?

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