Where’s Terry?

Often smiling, our most active adviser amazes Hope, Sophie and Lisa with his ability to teleport from one side of Southeast Queensland to the other in a day!

Have you seen this man?

We are looking for a humble, hard-working man in a darkly coloured suit. He should be somewhere around Brisbane CBD…actually, he was last seen on the Sunshine Coast. And yesterday, spotted driving back from the Gold Coast!  

Terry is a new Senior Financial Planner with an authentic way of giving advice and caring for clients. Apparently based in Brisbane, Terry has been in and out of the industry for over 25 years.

Where is he now, and where has he been? Read on to find out…


Taking on and embracing his country boy lifestyle, Terry grew up a dirt bike rider and loved all aspects of motorsport. He was brought up in Airlie Beach but spent most of his time out in the bush near Strathdickie (you’ll have to look up where that is), where his passion for motorbikes started. Staying active and busy, Terry enjoyed various sports at school. It was only later that his interest in cycling long distances came about.


Enter Julie. She swept him off his feet (or vice-versa), and they set up in Brisbane, many years ago now. They got married (over 20 years ago!) after Terry had only been a financial planner for a few years, working together for one of Australia’s large banks. Then, they went on to achieve many things together. Not only did they build and sell a successful financial planning practice, but they have had two beautiful daughters, Jasmine and Sienna.


Really keen to see the vision of JEM Wealth succeed in our community, Terry has a passion to share what we do, far and wide. 


Rest assured, Terry is making JEM Wealth a better place. Not only is he helping Lisa to train Jake when he is in the Brisbane Office, but he is aiding with Ben’s transition to Head of Advice.


Yesterday working from home to look after one of his two daughters, today with Research Committee meetings and various clients, Terry is a bright and quietly over-achieving financial planner with lots to offer. His work is a credit to him, but he will point the praise to others in his team – that’s Terry. With his love of Jesus and helping others, Terry fits JEM Wealth like a glove.


Where’s Terry? Terry is exactly where he needs to be: with his family, or his team, or with someone needing financial advice.

Meet the rest of the team here. 

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