Double Speed

Meet . . .


The Mastermind. Caylea is the Client Services Manager of JEM Wealth. She works across two cities, with two new Client Services Officers, and all of this as a mother of two daughters…
The double-or-nothing, dashing mastermind behind this team’s task management – have you met Caylea?

Double speed, always! The rest of us humbly try to keep up.


Calm in a storm, Caylea brings rationality and wisdom to a tumultuous situation. On the other hand, Caylea has no hesitation to be the storm in the calm! Whipping up a task or two, she will have Brett off his feet on errands or administration if he is looking too comfortable.


Adding it up her, Caylea has worked in the finance industry for five years, and her accomplishments are grand. And this is while being a proud mother to her two lovely daughters, both now primary-school-age.


Yesterday, she moved her family to their new house. Today, she moved us into the new Brisbane office. Caylea seems to have found a leadership style that gives 100%. And, somehow, she sustains it.  


Loving and efficient, her time as a Support Worker laid strong foundations of her genuine care for all people. Coming from New Zealand into a share house after high school, her adventurous spirit and energy are evident in her family and work life.


Every day, Caylea is the first starting and last leaving. If not physically, her thoughts seem to be ever on how to improve our processes and client experience.


After all, she is the double speed leader and hard worker of the admin engine room of JEM Wealth.

Clients, co-workers, and contractors alike all know that there is always Caylea around the corner for the tough times, admin questions and a memorable chat. Have you met Caylea?



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